Data Analysis

Data Analysis
Data Analyses Geographic information system (GIS) is a comprehensive information system that, in contrast to the classic information system, allows you to add necessary information about objects about their location on the earth's surface. Accordingly, it considers both the spatial nature of the phenomena and objects with which it works and their mutual relations.

Data managed by GIS could be present in various ways, most often in maps, graphs, or tables. These presentations are always a virtual display of part of the contents of the spatial database. Vast possibilities of using GIS databases are provided by their visualization via GIS browsers on the Internet & intranet using a map server.

In GIS technologies, RS Planlama Proje provides comprehensive services covering all steps of building and operating these information systems. These are mainly the following activities:

• Acquisition and digitization of data from various documents (printed maps, aerial and satellite images, technical drawings, sketches, Etc.).
• Modification of vector and raster data and their transformation into required formats.
• Analysis of the solved problems, design and compilation of GIS projects, and problem-solving applications using data synthesis and analysis, including processing and analysis of aerial and satellite images.
• Management and updating of GIS projects and applications.
• Cartographic data processing and their presentation.
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