About Us

About Us
RS Planlama & Proje is a company operates in Ankara, Turkey, and offers services in the fields of project management, planning, and education. Within a world that is subject to a never-ending change and development process, RS Proje aims to create opportunities for individuals and institutions by eliminating disadvantages and providing support to them. From the day of its foundation, RS Proje has prepared and organized numerous projects and continues to broaden its experience.

Project experience
RS Planning & Project is a consultancy company that produces, executes, monitors, and evaluates projects in the field of economic and social development for the public and private sector. Founded by two city and regional planners in 2014, RS Proje started to operate in the field of urban planning. In time Rs Proje turned out to be the main solution partner of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara regarding the construction and planning projects.

City Planning Experience
1/25000 scale and 1/5000 Scale Master Development Plans, 1/1000 Scale Application Development Plans, Site Development Plans, Additional and Revision Development Plans, Conservation Development Plans, Special Purpose Plans, Military Area Development Plans, Development Plan Changes (Plan Renovation), Marina Zoning Plan, Breakwater Zoning Plan, Bioenergy Zoning Plans, Solar Energy Zoning Plans, Wind Energy Zoning Plans, Zoning Plans in the Areas declared as Risky Areas. Due to the change in demands, the company widened her interest in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, and smart cities and started to set up projects for the European Commission, the Ministries, and Development Agencies.

• Climate Change
• Energy Efficiency
• Wastewater Management
• Zero Waste
• Rural Development and Agriculture
• Smart Cities

RS Planning & Project also provides comprehensive and applied-training programs in the project area and has provided project development and project management training programs. With the success and eventual growth of the company, the founders seek new fields to invest in. Starting from 2013, RS Proje has been providing vocational training courses for people within the scope of European Mobility Programs. Increasing capabilities and competences of young people through these programs encouraged the company to invest more in these programs. Not only young people but also their teachers are required to improve themselves. Education is connected to many other fields and the company follows the doors opened by it. Adult education, education of adult trainers, and language training were the next steps. In addition to these, the increasing number of migrants and refugees forced not only RS Proje but institutions all around the world to apply new education methods and design new programs regarding the inclusion of these people. Within the motto of removing the barriers and providing equal opportunities for everybody, solutions for the differently-abled people have been developed.

• Entrepreneurship
• Fighting against Unemployment
• Leadership
• Integration of migrants and refugees
• Education of migrants and refugees
• Education of Adult Trainers
• Language Education
• Education for differently-abled people
• Nonselective Education

Project Application
The company prepares the projects under the program rules and to complete the reports accurately and on time.

Preparing Project
The company supports to develop projects that are compatible with the needs of your institution and compatible with open grant calls and to submit a project proposal file.

Budget Management
We support the preparation of the budget of your project under the program rules and the management of purchasing processes.

The company has significant experience in Project Cycle Management, Project Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation Training.

Monitoring and Evaluation
The company provides monitoring and evaluation services for the programs, supports the determination of indicators and the creation of performance indicators.

In 2018, the company begins to offer services in the informatics field. From web design and development to geographic information technologies, the company continues to mobile applications and also projects about smart cities.
About Us
About Us