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Vocational Education and Training For Skills
Vocational education and training, abbreviated as VET, sometimes simply called vocational training, is the training in skills and teaching of knowledge related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation in which the student or employee wishes to participate. Vocational education may be undertaken at an educational institution, as part of secondary or tertiary education, or may be part of initial training during employment, for example as an apprentice, or as a combination of formal education and workplace learning.

RS Planlama Proje offers its clients a wide range of professional education. We provide professional education not only in the form of theoretical but also practical, always according to the client's wishes:

Construction, Chemistry, Electric and Electronic technologies, Textile and Fashion Design, Healthcare Services, Beauty and Haircare Services, Machine and Metal technologies, Management and business, Information technologies, Automotive, Mechanics and Electric Services, Renewable Energy (Green Energy), Childhood Education, Accommodations and Hotel Business, Cooking and Servicing.

We offer this Service only for groups and not for individuals.
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