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Migration Issues and Refugee
Record-breaking numbers of refugees and migrants move across international borders, fleeing conflict, persecution, poverty, and other life-threatening situations, or responding to labor and skill shortages and demographic changes and seeking better opportunities elsewhere. Their journeys can be fraught with peril. Appalling tales of tragedies feature daily in the headlines. Those that make it to a destination are frequently met with hostility and intolerance. Those host communities making an effort to provide relief are often unprepared and overburdened by the sheer numbers arriving. Responsibilities are not well distributed: a small number of countries and host communities host disproportionate numbers of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.

Beyond the loss of life, populations' massive displacement has broader implications for the social, economic, and political landscape. "RS Planlama Proje" main activities include providing social counseling to applicants for international protection and other foreigners, organizing training programs for both professionals and the general public, and other activities to promote foreigners' integration.
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