Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Safety
Support for NPP safety and reliability includes a comprehensive assessment of whether the nuclear facility is operated under the project and applicable national requirements, taking into account international experience and legislation. The range of support activities of RS Planlama Proje is focused on both legislative and operational aspects.

From a legislative point of view, the principal activities include nuclear safety demonstrations for nuclear power plant commissioning and lifetime extension, or other legally required safety demonstrations such as facility reconstructions, changes in operating conditions, or other changes that may affect nuclear safety.
From the operational point of view, we perform a series of support activities to monitor and control operational parameters, and evaluate deviations from nominal parameters, including streamline operational, control, and maintenance activities, etc. Based on the results of these support activities, we design the necessary measures to increase operational reliability and safety.

Safety assessment is implemented by:
• Continuous monitoring of nuclear and technical safety (supervision, inspection, testing)
• Deterministic assessment of nuclear safety (safety assessment reports)
• Probabilistic assessment of nuclear safety (the so-called "living probability safety assessment" - Living PSA and its applications – e.g.: Safety Monitor)
• All the above mentioned activities include the latest research and development findings

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