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SMEs development & Business Growth
Small and medium-sized enterprises play a vital role in the national economy. The importance of SMEs can be a view from several perspectives. The importance of small and medium-sized companies can be divide into two groups. The first group deals with social significance and the second with economic relevance. The social benefits lie in the guarantee of freedom and the stabilization of society. SMEs provide a chance for citizens' free employment and people's independent realization in the productive process.

The goal of RS Planlama Proje is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their development and increase their competitiveness.

Support for small and medium-sized enterprises can be divide into direct and indirect forms. Indirect support aims to create a favorable environment for SMEs, which means simplifying administration and mitigating possible adverse effects of new legislation. On the contrary, direct support aims to increase the possibilities of SMEs' access to finance for the implementation of their investment plans or reduce costs.
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