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Innovative Farming Strategies
Countries that have decided to promote science, research and innovation as critical national priorities are among the most prosperous today. We can state that each country has the knowledge potential within the agricultural strategy's innovation, which also affects the country's economic development.

The strategic and innovative development goals of agriculture are based on the expected development of external conditions, the current state's analysis, and the agri-food sector's problems. The strategic mission of agriculture and its innovation is to contribute to the sustainable provision of food security at the national and European level. Contributing to energy and food self-sufficiency, increase its efficiency and competitiveness, and significantly improve relations with the natural resources used, landscape creation, rural development, and recreational potential, taking into account ongoing climate change.

The goal of RS Proje Planlama is to participate in the development and cooperation of innovative farming strategies. Our focused topics are bellow;

• Ensuring food security while significantly improving the impact of agriculture on natural resources.
• Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of an agricultural enterprise
• Ensuring balanced economic development and viability of agricultural holdings.
• Construction of the use of agricultural biomass as a renewable energy source.
• Growth and application of knowledge of scientific and technological development in favor of real competitiveness.
• Reducing the impact of business risk in agriculture.
• Increasing soil protection in climate change times concerning sustainable management and comprehensive development and landscape creation.

The main priority of RS Proje Planlama is always to offer the optimal solution for our clients.
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