Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural Entrepreneurship
It is a fact that rural entrepreneurship is increasingly vulnerable to economic and physical changes in the world. Public administrations develop and implement policies for the development of rural entrepreneurship. As a result, rural entrepreneurship is an essential field for many practitioners and theorists. Locality gains importance as the focal point of rural entrepreneurship. Based on this, local characteristics such as agriculture, tourism, cultural activities, and environmental regulations provide input to rural entrepreneurship.

We can divide rural entrepreneurship into four parts:
• Processing and placing on the market of agriculture products.
• Investment in non-agriculture infrastructure.
• Investment in agriculture infrastructure.
• Agrotourism

RS Planlama Proje offers a full range of services in rural entrepreneurship, from the design to the last phase of turnkey service. RS Planlama Proje cooperates with companies that are currently implementing their activities in the various fields and are also trying to expand their activities in a different area and support entrepreneurs trying to penetrate rural entrepreneurship. In addition to these services, RS Planlama Proje also finds financing for your future projects, thanks to international and local grant funds.

RS Planlama Proje encourages especially youngsters and women to undertake businesses in rural zones. The company develops a wide range of projects, from medical and aromatic plants' production to delivering courses about the latest developments in the agricultural sector.
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