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Education and Human Resources Development
Human resources, ie, people working in the company, are the company's key "wealth." Social resource development is a way for a company to take care of its employees to increase its competitiveness and, thus, its wealth. The concept of human resources development in a company does not mean "only" education. Education itself is a tactical measure, a tool to achieve a particular goal. Human resources development includes setting training goals, selecting and recruiting employees, their remuneration system, identifying training needs, measuring the effects of training, and ensuring the quality of training.

If an entrepreneur wants to run his own company correctly and effectively, he needs a vision. A vision that defines who the company should be and where it wants to go. The right vision creates the future of the company. However, vision alone is not enough. It needs to be complemented by strategy and specific objectives. For small and medium-sized companies, the following three levels are proving to be enough:

• Vision - defines who we want to be and what state we want to get (horizon of 3 to 5 years).

• Strategy - describes the way we want to get there, how we want to achieve the vision.

• Goals - describe what we need to meet concretely and measurably on the way to fulfilling our vision.

Setting the right vision, strategy, and goals is not easy. After all, it creates the image of the company in the future. Nobody knows what will happen in 3 years, let alone in 5 years. However, avoiding the process of setting a vision is often a tragic mistake. Strategy means that you know what you want to achieve and how you earn it. Thanks to it, you can separate essential things from unimportant ones.

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