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Employment and Policy Development
Employment policy is a vision and a practical plan for achieving a country’s employment goals. To make such a plan, the government has to see a country’s challenges and opportunities. It has to consult widely to reach standard agreement among all interested parties in the economy, including employers’ and workers’ organizations.

Employment policy is not just a job creation program. It takes into account a whole range of social and economic issues. It affects many government areas—not only the areas in charge of labor and employment—and every part of the economy. It brings together various measures, programs, and institutions that influence the demand and supply of labor and labor markets’ functioning. Employment policy should promote decent work, in which international labor standards, social protection, and workers’ fundamental rights go hand in hand with job creation.

Employment policy is something that each country must forge for itself, according to its context and state of development. It is a real plan for how we get there. Creation sustainable Employment policy, it is necessary for all parties to participate, the outcome of which will suit everyone.
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