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Youth Voluntary Activities
We know that volunteering is influence by the history, politics, and culture of a community and a country, but you can help change the tradition and boost volunteering. You might even be taking part in voluntary activities without even realizing it:

• Lending a hand at your local sports club
• Helping out an elderly member of your community
• Picking up litter in the forest or on the beach

Sports and outdoor activities are the main volunteering sectors in Europe, followed by education, arts, music, or cultural associations.

RS Planlama Proje believes that volunteering and global education are the key to active citizenship and mutual understanding. Through our activities, we allow people to participate in various projects that will help them on their journey through life. For us, volunteering is a tool for education, thanks to which a volunteer learns something about himself, other people, nature, and its surroundings, both on a global and local dimension. 
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