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Geological Basis for Planning
An essential factor in solving each project is the background and its geological conditions for investment. Therefore, an inseparable part of spatial planning or similar projects is the geological basis for planning; today, we can create a map of geological and geotechnical risk areas thanks to detailed analyses. These maps form the basis for evaluating geological sections, giving more information to the investor and entrepreneurs who wanted to invest in the project.

The primary services of RS Planlama Proje are creating projects or specialized reports for the geological basis for planning in the GIS system. The Geographic Information System "GIS" allows you to capture, store, control, and display data related to the earth's surface positions.

Thanks to experienced RS Planlama Proje specialists and the "GIS" computer system, we can display various types of data, such as streets, buildings, and vegetation.

It makes it easier for investors or entrepreneurs to see, analyze, and understand patterns and relationships. Based on the above aspects, RS Planlama Proje offers services according to clients' needs. RS Planlama Proje offers investors or entrepreneurs services such as creating key reports for the geological basis for planning or a strategic plan to avoid a higher budget for a given investment project.
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